Brandon Smith: The next great collapse will decimate the dollar and obliterate the Fed

The United States appears to be entering the final stages of its existence as an economic powerhouse. The nation’s debt-based monetary system is quickly reaching its inevitable end, according to’s Brandon Smith, and the culprit that’s bringing our once great nation to its knees is the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve, which is right now precipitating not only its own expiration but also that of the U.S. dollar.

Having once referred to it as an “economic suicide bomber,” Smith warns that the signs all point to the Fed intentionally setting up the system for a total collapse. The Fed’s recent announcement of more interest rate hikes, which will cut off stimulus to the U.S. financial sector – including the stock market – points to only one thing: That the Fed is setting the stage for a crash that, when all is said and done will dwarf that of the Great Depression.

Many people falsely assume that the Fed exists to protect the U.S. economy – or at least to maintain the illusion of economic strength in order to keep people working for the benefit of the globalist bankers. A strong U.S. economy, the assumption goes, is necessary even for these globalists to maintain their own interests, and thus the Fed will continue to work towards not only its preservation but also its renewed strength.

But the truth is that the Fed exists to deliberately undermine the American fiscal structure – fully and completely at the appointed time. And this time, suggests Smith, could be now, seeing as how it finally has a scapegoat to whom it can place all the blame: Donald Trump. Since its creation in 1913, the Fed has been progressively devaluing the dollar, centralizing power, and stealing people’s wealth. It now appears to have achieved these goals almost in full, which means that it’s no longer needed – and apparently, neither is the American economy.

“They can’t prop up equities for much longer even if they wanted to,” writes Smith in sobering detail of what he believes is soon to come. “The fundamentals will always catch up with the fiat illusion. No nation in history has ever been able to print its way to prosperity or even recovery. The time is now for the Fed to pull the plug and lay blame in the lap of their mortal enemy – conservatives and sovereignty champions. They will ignore all financial reality and continue to hike [rates]. This is a guarantee.”

The solution: Remove all dual-citizenship politicians and end the Fed

So what’s a liberty-minded person to do? The first thing is to break the delusion that somehow we’re all going to be saved by the appearance of a booming stock market. Unless the U.S. immediately and completely decouples itself from the parasitic Fed, sets up a new monetary system based on Treasury-issued, value-based currency (as opposed to debt “currency”), restores its manufacturing base to be self-sufficient, and removes all dual-citizenship politicians and other influential “movers and shakers” from its borders, there’s likely no chance at avoiding the horrors to come.

Centralized banking like that of the Fed serves only one set of masters, and these masters don’t represent the host countries that such systems exploit. They represent globalist, deep-state bankers and “elitists” who view most of the world as human cattle to be taken advantage of, and sadly that’s exactly how the Fed operates, and was meant to operate from its inception. The Fed doesn’t exist on behalf of the People, in other words; it exists on behalf of the controllers of the People.

“It is important to understand what the Fed actually is – the Fed is a weapon,” adds Smith.

“It is a weapon used by globalists to destroy the American system at a given point in time in order to clear the way for a new single world economy controlled by a single managerial entity (most likely the IMF or BIS). This is the Fed’s purpose. The central bank is not here to save the U.S. from harm, it is here to make sure the U.S. falls in a particular manner – a controlled demolition of our fiscal structure.”

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